About Olive & Olive
Olive & Olive’s hand-finished antique flooring and paneling has been described as “historic”. Across the globe, countries protect their great treasures. Architecture and interior design which is hundreds of years old is turned into museums to protect the unparalleled craftsmanship from another time.

This, in essence, is Olive & Olive’s work. It is a product so spectacular that it will be considered just such a treasure by generations yet to come. But you needn’t wait hundreds of years before you appreciate its value. It’s available now.

The Beginning
Olive & Olive, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Martha and Joe Olive. Joe started wood floor refinishing as a part-time job while studying at Atlanta’s Georgia Institute of Technology, drawn to the challenge of the craftsmanship required by this type of work.

He soon expanded his work into floor installation and more complicated designs as the owner of a small wood floor contracting company.

In 1986, Olive & Olive was born, giving Joe the ability to get back to a “hands-on” approach. Joe still enjoys performing all aspects of the floor work, from working with clients to developing the look, and from fabricating and finishing the components to installing and completing the job. His pride in attention to detail and schedule is unmatched.

As one Olive & Olive customer described, “he won’t do it unless he can do it right”.