Our Process
Olive & Olive’s antique flooring and paneling is primarily made from re-milled white oak rescued from aging and historic buildings. The wood is 100% recycled.

Through an expert process cultivated over decades of practice, Olive & Olive patches, plugs, pegs, and repairs bolt holes, knots, and splits while preserving the history of the wood.

The boards are sanded in a way that enhances the antique look allowing for crowning, cupping, and gentle undulations. Boards are hand-scraped to add a subtly textured surface then treated to a durable and maintainable hand-rubbed oil finish.

The floor is a nearly completed “old floor” when installed. The final process sees more oil finishing and buffing. And the result is something that must be seen to be believed.

Many other forms or species of re-milled antique or recycled wood can be used, including sustained-growth and character-grades of new wood.